The Massachusetts Community Outreach Initiative is a non-profit organization designed to aid men and women as they transition from the correctional institution to the community. MCOI provides clients with a greater opportunity to succeed by offering a positive support system utilizing community agency resources.

We believe that through mentoring, love and the support of faith-based institutions and community agency resources, many success stories will be realized and the rate of recidivism will be reduced.


Our action Plan.

Re-engage – During their incarceration, many returning citizens have little to no contact with the community or the outside world. We commence the process of socialization through our partnership with the Department of Corrections (DOC).

Rebuild – By re-engaging our returning citizens, we rebuild their confidence and self-esteem through identifying their individual gifts and talents.


Reignite – We reignite the hope that was lost in the process of institutionalization.

Re-connect – We reconnect by reaching out through the mentors, volunteers, faith-based organizations and community agencies that partner with MCOI.

Return – An individual who is mentally and emotionally stable and committed to become part of the solution for broken families, disenfranchised youth, and community building.

Recruit – Our most successful returning citizens teach the next generation of returning citizens .