When I was sentenced the Judge said had there been some intervention when you were young maybe we wouldn't be here, but for now you must go away. Hopefully, one day you will be able to live among society. Many years later, tears rolled down my face when parole repeated the Judge's words before announcing that day has come.


I have received an IT Certification from Cisco for computer repair.  This certification is my first step toward becoming a Certified Network Assistant. I worked for an investment firm in Boston as a consultant, assisting the IT department with replacing outdated computers and setting up workstations. I assisted the manager with moving office workstations to a new location and getting the system up and running.


Leisure time is spent working on a ranch in the North Shore. I assist the owner in the day to day operations, maintaining mechanical machinery, keeping the mowers and tractor running, repair of fences and manure removal. My favorite time is spent with the horses and riding coaches.