Mentoring begins while an individual is still incarcerated and continues upon their return to society. Our mentoring groups are made up of successful leaders, former offenders who have successfully regained control of their lives and former members of law enforcement and corrections, collectively offering their expertise, perspective, and commitment to see transformation.  Together, we identify and seek to draw from the unrealized potential within.



MCOI is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization whose goal is to create a positive support system and community family around the released individual that will ease their transition into society, reduce the rate of recidivism, and turn the institutionalized into a thriving, successful individual.

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Administrative Office:

Massachusetts Community Outreach Initiative

40 Walk Hill Street

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130


Email: mcoi@themcoi.org


Tel: (617) 942-0344


Fax: (617) 906-6265

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